TFS 2015 Update 2

TFS 2015 update 2 was release a few days ago, so what’s new in TFS 2015.2? Her are some of them

Release management

We have a completely new release system, based on the same principles as the new build system we got in TFS 2015. The system is web based and uses the same kind of “build steps” and the build system. Build and release are connected together so a build can trigger a release and the release could go through several environments with manual or automatic approvers.

Delete work items

Instead of setting unwanted work items to “Removed”, we can no actually delete them. They end up in a recycle bin from where we can restore them or permanently delete them if needed.

Auto-refresh dashboards

The dashboards that we have in TFS web access now have auto refresh which is nice if you want to show it on a TV or a projector for the team and other stakeholders.


You could use @mentions, that is @ followed by a user’s ID or name in a pull request or in a code comment while checking in code, the user mention will then get a mail notification. This doesn’t work in work item descriptions or history yet.


We had gated check-in in the old system as a build trigger and it’s now introduced in the new with update 2.


Microsoft Marketplace was earlier only available for the online version of TFS called VSTS, but now in update 2 its available for “On-prem” TFS. See more at:

Create projects from the web access

As a TFS Administrator you can now both create and delete projects from the TFS Webb Access, you don’t have to use Visual Studio and TFS Admin console from this anymore.

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