TFS 15 RC2 installation

I haven’t blogged about the TFS installation procedure for some but when I tried the installations wizard for TFS 15 RC2 I found some things I wanted to share.

The first thing you notice is that you don’t get a lot och options like, basic, advanced, aplication tier and so on, you just get configure Team Foundation Server, the options are built in later on in the Wizard.


The second thing we have to select is if we want to do a new installation or if we have existing databases to upgrade or a pre-production upgrade testing. In my case I have existing TFS databases.


 Before starting the upgrade you confirm that you have a backup and SQL instance as usual.


Now comes the part a really like, I get to select if its a production environment or a Pre-Producktion Upgrade Testing. That means that I don’t need to run TfsConfig PrepareClone, TfsConfig ChangeServerID and TfsConfig RemabDB anymore! Great!



When it comes to the app tier the installation recognizes the existing IIS settings and you can change the public URL directly in the wizard instead of afterwards.


As I see it this is a really god installation improvement that simplifies some of the more complicated upgrade scenarios.

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